Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on Ethan

Hello everyone, we've had a good and bad week so far...after Ethan's Catscan they discovered some fluid accumulating in his pelvis so they decided to do surgery right away. That was yesterday and it was pretty stressful not knowing what they were going to find. The good news is that everything went well, they are controlling the infections with some new antibiotics and everything looks ok for now. :) The GREAT news is that tomorrow will be his final (fingers crossed) skin grafting surgery and then it will just be a matter of time until they consider sending him home! Ethan is getting a little sick of being in the hospital so we are hoping that he'll be home before Christmas...that would be an amazing gift.

Once again we can't thank you all enough for the generosity, kindness and love you have given our entire family during this experience. It has made a nightmarish situation tolerable and reminded us of how lucky we are to have each other, our friends....and of course to still have ETHAN!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to AZPX, Jason and Salon Kismet for putting together some awesome fundraisers to help with Ethan's care. AZPX has created the coolest t-shirt in honor of our little guy (check it out!) and Salon Kismet (our BFF Dina's salon) is raffling off salon services for 10 bucks an entry. And then there's Lisa and Duane Ballard (not ME, I'm the Phx Lisa...Lisa LAMB Ballard...ohhh forget it!) who are helping behind the scenes in many ways. We love you guys so much it hurts!

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