Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phoenix Children's Hospital's 30th Birthday

Ethan and I were recently interviewed at Phoenix Children's Hospital by Fox News. The interview aired Monday August 26th and although it was supposed to be in celebration of PCH's 30th Anniversary it turned out to be more of a follow up story. It was a special visit because we were able to visit with one of our favorite PICU nurses who had not seen Ethan in over a year.  As always the visit reminded us about how fortunate we are and how many people were involved in Ethan's recovery.  During the interview Ethan thanked all the great doctors, nurses and staff that helped him.The interview didn't include that part but I was very happy that they added my request to remind parents and all gun owners to keep their guns secure.  Prevention is possible - it just takes action!  Invest in a gun safe or gun lock. There are free gun locks available through Project Childsafe. It's a decision that you won't regret and could save you a lifetime of guilt and regret.  That's my advice which our family learned the hard way - believe me, no one will miss one more accidental shooting and I'm sure PCH would be happy not to get so many gunshot traumas through their doors. So happy 30th Birthday PCH, thank you for being here to help our family and our community, we are lucky to have you!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Catch up!

So since I'm new to blogging I didn't realize that posts I made to The Ethan Younger Foundation Facebook didn't attach themselves to this blog.  Much of the updating has been through Facebook so I wanted to take some time to add some pictures of Ethan since my last post. 

Ethan finished his freshman year of high school and will soon be starting as a Sophmore.  Here is a picture of his first day of school freshman year. 

Photo: First day of school Freshman year!

He also had a great visit with Andrew Cannon, pro-skater for World Indrustries and James Boyle supporter of the cause!

Photo: Ethan with pro skaterAndrew Cannon, one of the nicest and coolest guys ever!

Ethan also continues to fundraise whenever asked by Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Photo: Ethan at KTAR

Ethan turned 16 in April 2013 and is studying for his driver's license...adding a whole new list of reasons for me to worry. :)

Photo: 16 years today!  Happy Birthday Ethan xoxo

Shortly after his 16th birthday Ethan was hospitalized again for a bowel obstruction caused by the scar tissue in his abdomen.  He underwent another surgery which untwisted the bowel and he recovered nicely, adding a few more scars to his collection.

Photo: Awake and feeling better.  Showing off new scars.

As the final update, Ethan visited a vascular surgeon that was asked by his doctor to review his case.The vascular surgeon said that he has made great progress and that even though the blood flow in the left leg is reduced, with continued exercise and effort on his part he should continue to improve. With no limitations. As many of you know this is primarily due to Ethan's hard work and refusal to let his injury slow him down. So no surgery needed! This is a huge relief and wonderful news for us!